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What Are Rain Chains And How Do You Use Them?

22 August 2017
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As opposed to a traditional gutter downspout, you can use a rain chain instead. The value in this is the beauty that is created on top of the normal functionality of keeping water away from the home. Here's what you should know about copper rain chains and how to use them: History: Rain chains date back many years to the use of the Japanese. The rain chains would be used on the roofs of homes to collect water in a beautiful way and to make use of that water for the home. Read More …

Features To Consider For Your Sprinkler System

22 November 2016
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A full irrigation system is the ultimate in convenience for most homeowners. Not only will this provide you with automatic sprinklers for your lawn, but you will also have drip lines installed to service your garden beds. This means you can ensure your entire landscape receives the water it needs at the push of a button. The following are a few features you should consider adding to your system. Station valves Read More …

What To Look For When Investing In New Tarps For Your Construction Business

1 November 2016
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Whether you want to protect your valuable equipment or need to elevate safety when removing debris from a site, your construction business needs truck tarps. Only tarps can offer the versatility, durability, and low-maintenance protection you need for both your equipment and materials during transport. So if you're looking to invest in new tarps for your commercial construction business, here's what you should consider. Vehicular Specifications Trucking tarps come in many forms, but if you want the right fit for both your vehicle and the purpose, you need to consider the specifications of your vehicle. Read More …