Effective Rodent Control Tips For Homeowners

Effective Rodent Control Tips For Homeowners

27 October 2017
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Mice are common pests that often plague homeowners. Unfortunately, these pest problems can be particularly severe for those living near woody areas or bodies of fresh water. If you are wanting to protect your house against these pests, you will need to learn more about rodents and the problems that they can cause for homeowners.

How Would You Know Whether You Have A Rodent Problem?

There are many different warning signs that your house may be suffering from a rodent problem. A common warning sign that people will often notice will be rodent droppings in secluded areas of the home or food storage areas. Additionally, you may notice small bite marks on food packaging. Lastly, it is possible to hear the mice. In addition to the squeaking sounds that they may make, these rodents may also make sounds as they are walking between the walls, which can be a slight tapping sound that moves along the wall. Once these issues have been noticed, you will need to have the home treated for rodent issues as soon as possible, as this is a problem that can rapidly worsen if you leave it unaddressed.  

Is Poison Better Than Traps?

When addressing a rodent problem, homeowners may be leery of using traps. This can lead to them having a preference for poisons. Unfortunately, rodent poison can have some sizable disadvantages. For example, it can be possible for pests or children to consume these substances, which can pose serious health problems. Additionally, it could be more likely that mice that have consumed the poison will die between the walls or other difficult areas to reach, and this can lead to foul odors that are difficult to address. By using traps, you will be able to ensure that you can quickly remove any mice before odors start to develop.

Are There Any Natural Alternatives For Rodent Control?

Many homeowners will attempt to avoid using artificial chemicals or traps for rodent control. Regardless of your reason for wanting to avoid these issues, there are options that you may be able to use. One of the more effective ways of preventing rodents can be to get a cat, as the smell of the cat will discourage mice from spending much time in your home. If you want to avoid getting a cat, predator urine can be purchased from most farming and hunting supply stores, and it may achieve similar results. Lastly, ammonia is extremely unpleasant to many rodents, and you may find that spreading small amounts of it around your property can repel mice.

For more information and help, contact a professional rodent control or other pest control service in your area.