A Few Tips Creating A Room Fit For A Medieval Knight

A Few Tips Creating A Room Fit For A Medieval Knight

15 September 2017
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When you have a son who is into the renaissance, you may have bought a few mythical dragon statues to decorate. However, if he is pushing for more, wanting to have a "knight's room," you may be wondering how to make it happen for him. Here are some things you can do that will make him happy and could be a fun project for the two of you to work on together.


Generally, colors were rich in medieval times. If your son has a nice sized room, you could choose deep colors like reds, browns and greens, or go with creams, rusts, and sea blue if the room is smaller. Keep in mind that rich does not mean vibrant. While it is good to have a few pieces in the room that are bright draw attention, the walls and floors should be more muted.

Wall Decorations

Instead of hanging paper posters on the walls, use textiles instead. Look for a tapestry at estate sales or buy some fabric with designs of castles, knights, or with an old religious theme. You could also hang metal sconces on the walls, using battery-operated "candles."  A blunted sword or piece of armor would be a great addition. Find a picture or two of some old kings or knights and have them put in large, embellished, wooden frames too.


Furniture for the room should be big and bulky. A four-poster bed with a top frame and heavy drapes around it should be the centerpiece. You can also add a wooden trunk to sit at the foot of the bed and a smaller bedside table. A large, ornate, wooden chair with an upholstered seat and back, and a heavy wood bookcase can round out the furnishings.

Small Touches

A nice pewter goblet or tankard for water can sit on the bedside table. If there is room for a desk, an inkwell and quill, with a piece of parchment or a scroll should sit on it. Find a few cloth or leather bound books for the bookcase. Try to keep the lighting muted. Take advantage of natural light from the windows as much as possible.

Take your son with you when shopping for things for the room. Go to a few antique shops or estate sales to find pieces that could work. While it might be hard to find actual medieval pieces, you should find a few things that you can use. Make sure to go to a renaissance faire too. You are sure to find some things there that will be worthy of your knight.