Showcase Your Love For The Lonestar State With Texas Themed Books

Showcase Your Love For The Lonestar State With Texas Themed Books

9 August 2023
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Are you looking to add some local pride to your Texas home? Are you originally from Texas and would like to set up a piece of home within your new residence somewhere else in the country? Here are some ideas for how you could work history of Texas books into a decorative display in your home or elsewhere.

Books On The Wall

It might be possible for you to use some smaller books enclosed within a case as a form of wall art throughout your home. Texas-themed books could provide a rustic or Western vibe to your favorite rooms. You could also buy Texas-themed books with the intent of intentionally removing just the covers in order to put the cover itself up as a piece of art in your favorite spot.

Books On The Table

Books in the middle of a coffee table is a pretty common decorating tactic and you could use books about the history of Texas to create the vibe you want in any given room. The right book will make your loyalty to the Lone Star state clear to anyone who enters your home and the books might also serve as a conversation starter if you have guests from out of state. If you are using part of your home as a short-term rental for travelers, a setup with these books on a coffee table or desk when they arrive could add a nice touch to their trip.

Books On The Shelf

If you have a number of shelves or counters throughout your home that look a bit barren, you could use Texas-themed books to spruce up the decor. Line up some books about Texas on a shelf where perhaps you'll also put a pair of miniature cowboy boots, a decorative cowboy hat, or maybe even a football helmet from your favorite Texas-based sports team.

Books On The Nightstand

You don't need to make a big display with your Texas books, you could also just put one or two on a smaller table or nightstand. If you choose your nightstand, you could enjoy a little bit of reading about your favorite state before nodding off to sleep every night.

Books In Your Library

If you want to build your own library within your home, why not create a section dedicated to local books or books about your favorite place? You could once again add other Texas or Western decor to that part of the room to add some additional flair. For more information on Texas-themed books, contact a professional near you.