Plush Or Firm Mattress: 5 Factors To Consider

Plush Or Firm Mattress: 5 Factors To Consider

23 June 2023
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A new mattress can mean a better night's sleep, but only if you choose the best type of mattress for your needs. The first decision to make is firmness — are you better suited to a plush or a firmer mattress? There are a few things that can help you decide.

1. Preferred Sleeping Position

How you tend to sleep can have the greatest bearing on which mattress is better. For those that sleep on their sides, a plush mattress can be more comfortable because it cushions the bony hips and shoulders that are pressing into the bed. For back and stomach sleepers where weight is distributed more evenly instead of balanced on a few areas, a firmer mattress is often more comfortable as it provides strong support to the entire body as you sleep.

2. Total Body Mass

Weight and overall body size can also impact comfort. Larger bodies tend to feel more comfortable on a firmer mattress simply because one won't sink in so deeply. If you are concerned about sinking into the mattress but are also a side sleeper, then a pillow top style can allow for extra cushioning of the hips and shoulders while also providing firm underlying support so you don't sink into the mattress uncomfortably.

3. Multiple Sleepers

Sharing a bed doesn't mean you have to share your partner's restless nights of sleep. If one person tosses and turns, this is more likely to be felt by anyone else in the bed if you have a firm mattress. Plusher mattresses don't convey movement as easily across their surface, so they can be the better choice for a shared bed when one person tends to move more in the night than the other. 

4. Chronic Pain Issues

Chronic back, shoulder, or neck pain can be made worse with the wrong mattress. Lack of support can make chronic pain worse, as muscles and joints are forced to work harder to support themselves on a plusher mattress. Generally, back sleeping is often the most comfortable position for many types of chronic back and neck pain, so switching to a firm mattress is a good call.

5. Sleep Temperature

If you tend to sleep hot, then a plush mattress may not be the best option. One tends to sink into plusher mattresses, which trap heat and can make you feel even warmer. This isn't a problem on a firm mattress. If you must have a plush mattress, look for one that has cooling technology in order to increase comfort. 

Whether you opt for a firm or a plush mattress, your local mattress dealer can help you choose the best type for your needs. For more information, contact a company like Matthews Mattress.