When Should You Seek Pest Control Services? Signs Not To Ignore

When Should You Seek Pest Control Services? Signs Not To Ignore

9 March 2023
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If you make your home habitable to pests, they will find a way to infest your home. Sometimes, it's not all about cleanliness. An infestation may occur if your home has tiny openings that allow insects or rodents to enter looking for water and food. Also, some items like wood attract pests in your yard, making it easy to access the house.

So how can you tell you have a pest infestation and need pest control services? Here are signs to look out for.


Have you noticed pest droppings on floors or other surfaces in the house? 

Droppings are a primary indicator that pests live in the house. If you check the cabinets, basement, crawl spaces, or attic, you may find more feces since this is where most pests like to hide.

If you find droppings in these areas of your home, you should immediately call pest control experts. If you don't, the problem will worsen over time.

The pest control services will examine the droppings to know the kind of infestation, then inspect the entire residence to discover their hiding spots. Once they understand the situation, they'll determine the best steps to eliminate and keep the pests at bay.

Unusual Odors

You may notice strange odors in your house, even after cleaning or removing the trash. Such a situation could indicate that you have a pest problem.

Pest droppings and urine in your house will smell. You may also notice stale or rotten food smells. This odor comes from the foods pests carry and hide away. 

Also, there may be dead and decomposing pests somewhere in your home.

Therefore, do not ignore the strange smell. Instead, get a pest control company to remove the pests. Remember, it's not easy to pinpoint where they nest, but an expert can.

Chew Marks

Some pests like to chew on items. If you have a pest infestation, you may find holes, torn fabrics, or gnaw marks all over your property. These signs indicate the presence of mice or rats in the house. Rodents like to tear off clothes and use them to build nests. 

The scratch marks on the floors and walls indicate that these pesky animals are skittering around your home. They may also leave gnaw marks on cardboard boxes, electrical wires, and other items. 

Do not allow pests to infest your home, as they will cause property damage and expose house occupants to infections.

Contact pest control services to learn more.