Metal Clad Products: Key Development Tips To Remember

Metal Clad Products: Key Development Tips To Remember

13 January 2023
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Metal clad products are beneficial because they have more than one metal incorporated into their design, which helps improve a product's versatility. If you plan to make these products and sell them to a target audience, here are some tips to utilize.

Work with a Manufacturer if Necessary

You don't have to take on the development of a metal clad product all by yourself. There are plenty of manufacturers you can partner up with, which might be a good idea in a couple of situations. For instance, you may simply not have the equipment and resources to combine two metals together to form one product.

You might also not have the right design capabilities. In this case, you can work with a metal clad manufacturer and get meaningful assistance at every stage of development. You'll still have input too to make sure the metal clad product comes out of development looking the way it should. 

Perform Tests with Different Metal Combinations

You may not have a lot of hands-on experience with metal clad products. In this case, it's probably a good idea to take different metal combinations and test them out in relevant ways to see what metals will work best together.

There are a lot of metal combinations you can go with too. You just need to figure out how to set up testing to where it's relevant to the metal clad products you plan to make for a particular target audience. You can then test and refine your metal material selection.

Make Sure the Bonding Process is Refined

Once you figure out what metals to combine into one product, you need to make sure your bonding process is refined. This is key to make sure the two metals work like they're supposed to and ultimately stay fused. You have different bonding processes to choose from when it comes to metal clad.

For instance, you can have two dissimilar metals rolled together and bonded via pressure. Or laser cladding might be better because of the precision results you can get. Just look at the product you're trying to make and then choose a bonding process that's compatible with it. 

A lot of great things can come from metal clad products because of the multiple metal varieties that are included in their designs. If you want to make these products and sell them with success, you have to make smart decisions early on in development.

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