How Well Can Quartz Countertop Fabrication Meet Your Needs?

How Well Can Quartz Countertop Fabrication Meet Your Needs?

30 November 2022
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Quartz countertop has driven a revolution in the home building and remodeling industries. Some folks still place a high value on traditional materials for countertops, though. They often wonder if they can expect top-tier results while working with a quartz countertop fabricator company. If you want to know how well quartz might perform for your project, you should learn what the material is and why many people prefer it.

What Is Fabricated Quartz?

White quartz is the base material for most manufacturing and fabrication processes. It is a naturally-occurring mineral, and companies mine it in sizes ranging from chunks to sand grains. A manufacturer then mixes the quartz with a binder to create a slab.

During the mixing process, they may work in other minerals to give the slab a particular look. If a manufacturer wants to create the look of granite, for example, they might use actual granite or a very similar material. A quartz countertop fabricator can then work with the slabs to produce virtually any configuration a customer would want.

Size and Dimensions

One of the biggest selling points of fabricated quartz is the ability to create slabs in nearly all sizes and dimensions. If you want to install a bathroom countertop that's two feet thick, that is absolutely a possibility with quartz. Unlike other materials, you don't have to win the quarrying lottery if you want an especially big slab or one with an unusual shape.


A major attraction of quartz for countertops is the ability to replicate the look of other materials while achieving significantly greater durability. Soapstone is a common example of a countertop material that just doesn't perform well because it's relatively soft. Consequently, you can use it if your cooking or food preparation techniques are aggressive. However, a fabricator can replicate the appearance of soapstone with quartz and have a much stronger surface.


Many types of countertops are porous. This leads to problems with grime and bacteria collecting in the pores. Cleaning such porous materials is also a chore. If you're worried about cleaning a space thoroughly and easily, the smoothness of quartz offers a strong alternative.


The ability to manufacture and fabricate quartz materials means they're usually more cost-effective than products like marble or granite. A quartz countertop fabricator services provider can usually find a way to fit a customer's goals into their budget. Homeowners can then spend the savings on other parts of their projects.

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