Buying And Hanging New Drapes? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Buying And Hanging New Drapes? Avoid These Common Mistakes

11 August 2022
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An elegant set of drapes will not only add a pop of color or an attractive focal point to your living room or bedroom. Drapes can also block the harsh afternoon sunlight, protect your hardwood flooring and furniture from fading, and even save you money on your monthly electrical bills. Unfortunately, it is easy to make any number of mistakes when purchasing or hanging drapes that can both waste your time and money. Here are a few of the most common mistakes you need to avoid making when buying and hanging drapes.

Choosing the Wrong Length and Width 

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is not taking the proper measurements before purchasing drapes. Ideally, the drapes in your living room or dining room should be long enough to touch the floor to have the greatest impact on your home's overall aesthetic. The drapes should also be wide enough that when you hang a set on a curtain rod, the drapes easily overlap to provide you with optimal privacy.

Using a pencil, make a small mark on the wall where you are planning on hanging the curtain rod if a rod is not already present. Use a tape measure and measure both vertically and horizontally. Use these simple measurements to purchase the right size drapes for the windows.

Choosing the Wrong Fabric and Lining 

Drapes come in a variety of different fabrics and unfortunately, it can be easy to choose the wrong fabric for the room. For example, choose sturdy cotton or cotton blend drapes for the kitchen, as these are easier to clean. Lined drapes are a great choice for any room where you need to block full sunlight.

Otherwise, full or partial blackout curtains are a great option, especially in the living room when you want to keep the glare from the sun off your television.

Buying the Wrong Curtain Rod

Just like your drapes, you will need to measure to ensure you purchase curtain rods that are long enough for your windows. The rods also need to work with the room's theme and color scheme and most importantly, the rod needs to be sturdy enough to support the weight of the drapes.

Foregoing Steaming the Drapes 

Finally, your drapes will be wrinkled and creased when you remove them from the package. Take a few minutes to steam out the wrinkles before hanging the drapes to create a more polished finished appearance.

From not steaming your drapes to choosing the wrong size and fabric, when it comes to hanging and purchasing drapes, there are several common mistakes you need to avoid.

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