Why Your Industrial Or Manufacturing Business Should Make Use Of Flat Washers During Assembly Or Production

Why Your Industrial Or Manufacturing Business Should Make Use Of Flat Washers During Assembly Or Production

3 August 2022
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Do you manage an industrial plant or manufacturing process where there are multiple screws and bolts constantly being put into place or a production process that can get noisy at times due to metal parts bumping or scraping into each other? If you want to make this process easier or protect your machinery for the long term, it might be time to stock up on some industrial-grade flat washers. Here's what flat washers do and how they can benefit your business. 

Flat Washers Act as a Barrier Between a Bolt or Screw and the Surrounding Metal

When you go to put a steel screw into a piece of what you are manufacturing, you want the screw to go directly into the hole and not hit any of the surrounding areas. A flat washer can ensure that the screw or bolt will not strike the sides of whatever it is you are assembling while the screw or bolt is being driven into place.

Flat Washers Can Distribute Torque Evenly as a Bolt or Screw Is Put Into Place, Ensuring a Tight Fit

Whether you are assembling your product by hand or with the help of a machine, you of course want to make sure that every screw or bolt goes in evenly and provides a secure fastening job. A flat washer can help ensure that the torque from screwing the fastener into place is distributed as evenly as possible, ensuring a snug and perfect fit, and ensuring that everything in your assembled or manufactured product will be as secure as possible.

Flat Washers Can Protect Surfaces From Abrasion

Flat washers can also ensure that the fastener will not strike the sides of the metal as it is screwed into place. This can prevent unwanted abrasion or other damage to your valuable materials and allow each part or product you assemble to pass quality control.

Flat Washers Can Stop Corrosion Between Steel and Aluminum

Flat washers can also assist you or your customer in the long term because they can act as a barrier between a steel screw and an aluminum part. This ensures that corrosion will not cause issues over the long term.

Flat Washers Can Reduce Noise

If you have issues with some of your fastener parts rattling up against other parts as the machinery moves along, flat washers can help reduce this noise and create an overall quieter workplace for your employees.

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