3 Things You Should Know When Having Your Septic Tank Inspected Before Buying A Home

3 Things You Should Know When Having Your Septic Tank Inspected Before Buying A Home

24 May 2022
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The modern septic tank can serve you for close to three decades when you maintain and service it properly. Sadly, few people follow up the process of inspecting the tank and making the needed repairs on time. One of the first things you should worry about is the condition that you find the tank in when you buy a new home. Consider these three things that you should know about inspecting your tank before purchasing a home. 

Understanding the Inspection Process

The first thing you need to understand is the process followed during the inspection. Most inspections start with a visual assessment of the tank and its surroundings to see if it is functioning well. The professional might also perform the basic loading and dye test to determine whether the tank could be leaking water into the surroundings. The professional will also open the tank and take highly detailed photos of the interior. These determine whether the electrical components and mechanical plumbing are functioning. They also check the sludge levels to determine whether the tank is healthy. 

Choosing the Right Septic Inspection

Different septic inspections depend on your needs and the cost of the service. A basic one involves simply looking around the tank and its surroundings. On the other hand, the most comprehensive one includes checking the pump, the soil, and an engineering evaluation. These are tests that take time and money. However, their outcome leaves you at peace. For example, the first level of inspection includes a visual check and sometimes a load and dye test. The second level needs the pro to open the tank and check the state of the pipes. You might have to pump your tank before this inspection. Additionally, the third level includes checking the scum layer and the effluent. The top inspection level includes all the mentioned activities and an assessment of the soil and drain field. 

The Benefits of the Process

The septic tank is central to the waste management system in a home. When you do it right, you will have confidence that your home is free from any dangers of black water backing into the house or spreading over the yard. The inspection also helps you determine how much money to offer when buying a home.

Issues connected to the septic tanks are many. You need a competent septic inspection expert to look at a system and determine whether it is healthy before deciding to buy. 

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