3 Signs The Trees In Your Yard Are In Need Of Residential Tree Care Services

3 Signs The Trees In Your Yard Are In Need Of Residential Tree Care Services

6 April 2022
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A dying or diseased tree can pose a serious risk to you, your home, and your yard. This is because a tree that is not healthy is far more likely to fall over and potentially hurt someone or cause damage to your home. A diseased tree can also spread disease to the other trees and plant life nearby. Taking steps to avoid these problems is an important part of homeownership. That is why it is so important that you learn how to identify when it is time to call in a residential tree care service to either treat or remove a tree in your yard. 

Broken Or Brittle Branches

While it is normal for all trees to lose some of their small branches from time to time, you should not find a large number of sticks on the ground around your tree on a regular basis. Even the smallest branches on your trees should provide a decent amount of strength. If you attempt to snap off a branch and it breaks easily, this is a good indication that your tree is either dead or diseased. Depending upon the reason for your tree's fragility, it may be possible to treat the tree and restore it back to good health. However, in most cases, the tree may need to be removed by a residential tree service.

Termite Infestation

Termites are especially fond of dead cellulose material. In other words, dead wood. If you notice termites in your tree, you can be all but certain that at least a portion of the tree has already died. In order to prevent the tree from infecting surrounding trees, you will need to have the tree professionally removed as soon as possible. This tree removal can also be an important part of preventing the termites from making the jump from your dead tree into your home. 

Missing Bark Or Leaves

A dying or diseased tree will need to conserve all of its energy and nutrients simply to try and repair itself. Consequently, it is quite common to find that sick trees are missing their leaves and often parts of their bark as well. In many cases, the lack of foliage will be your first indication that something is wrong. Calling in a residential tree service because this first sign of trouble can mean the difference between being able to save the tree and needing to have the tree removed.