Wear Japanese-Style Home Shoes In Your House

Wear Japanese-Style Home Shoes In Your House

27 January 2022
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Many cultures have a custom of not wearing outside shoes inside the house. In some parts of the world, this is done due to the fact that the floor is where eating and/or sleeping is done. However, there are many benefits that come with adopting this habit of not wearing your outside shoes inside your house. You can learn more about some advantages this offers, as well as why you may want to wear Japanese-style home shoes when in the house. 

Cut down on germ exposure

While you likely always want to reduce the germs inside your home, there may be a much stronger will to do so with the current Covid-19 pandemic. You will wear your outside shoes while walking on the outside ground, in the store, in other businesses, and even in doctor's offices. Everywhere you wear them, they will be picking up germs along the way. Then, when you return home and wear them in the house, you will be putting those germs on the floor in your home. When you start taking off your outside shoes before you walk inside your home and slipping into Japanese-style home shoes, you can prevent so many germs from making their way into your home. 

Cut down on pesticide and toxin exposure

There are toxins just about everywhere, and you will be unaware of most of them. For example, there can be pesticides on the grass and dirt you walk on, as well as toxins in the asphalt you walk across. There will even be toxins on the floors inside the businesses you go in. When you wear your outside shoes into your home, you are bringing those toxins right into your home with you. When you replace your outside shoes with Japanese-style home shoes, you will be keeping those toxins away from your family and pets. 

Keep your home cleaner

Not only are the soles of your shoes germy, but they are also dirty. They will have dirt, grease, and so many other types of crud on them. When you wear those shoes right into your home, you will be tracking all of that dirt right onto your floors. This can cause your flooring to look much dirtier than if you replaced those outside shoes with home shoes before entering the house. In fact, wearing your outside shoes inside can even cause extra wear on the flooring, causing you to need to have it replaced a lot sooner than you would have to if you wore the Japanese-style home shoes.

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