COVID 19 Testing Depends On High Quality Test Tubes And Transport Media To Get The Job Done

COVID 19 Testing Depends On High Quality Test Tubes And Transport Media To Get The Job Done

22 November 2021
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It's become clear over the last year that the COVID-19 pandemic might not go completely away for quite some time, if ever. Even if cases do go down significantly, the ability to test for COVID-19 and then properly store and transport those samples to the testing laboratory will continue to be something of great importance for many health organizations well into the future. If you want to make sure your organization or testing group is doing everything the right way, here are some tips or reminders for what you should be looking for when ordering additional COVID-19 test tubes or transport media to store and move samples from the test site to the laboratory.

COVID-19 Test Tubes and Transport Media Should Include Antibiotics

When a testing swab is put into a vial, it's important that any virus or disease on the swab is not given a chance to come into contact with bacteria or anything else that could grow inside the vial while it is being transported. Today's COVID-19 testing tubes and transport media typically include a variety of substances designed to protect the sample, and this may include some antibiotics that can stop bacterial or fungi growth within the tube.

COVID-19 Test Tubes and Transport Media Should Have Buffers to Protect Humans and Keep Contamination Out

Beyond protecting the sample from bacterial growth or other contamination inside the tube, you should also make sure your test site workers and whoever is transporting the vials will remain as safe as possible. A variety of buffers can be used to prevent a loaded vial from spilling or otherwise allowing the vial contents to get out. As one example, some testing vials and transport media include a layer of gelatin or other proteins in order to keep the sample properly buffered and sealed.

COVID-19 Test Tubes and Transport Media Should Be Able to Handle a Variety of Temperatures Without Harm Coming to the Sample

COVID-19 test samples need to be kept at the right temperature in order for the lab to be able to get a good result. Look for COVID-19 transport media that can be well insulated and help maintain a set temperature for the sample, regardless of what is going on outside of the vial or container.

Hospitals and other health organizations that conduct COVID-19 testing will need to continue to stock up on the right test tubes and transport media in order to get test samples to the laboratory in proper condition. Contact a provider of transport media today to discuss your needs.