A Useful Guide For CNC Machinists Purchasing New Angle Heads

A Useful Guide For CNC Machinists Purchasing New Angle Heads

5 August 2021
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Thanks to angle heads, CNC machinists can take advantage of multiple orientations with one setup. That means fewer adjustments and greater machine flexibility ultimately. If you're buying some new angle heads for your CNC machine, use this guide.

See if Specific Milling Operations are Intended or Not

There will be some angle heads that are designed for a particular type of milling work and then others that can be used in a more general way. Knowing what classification an angle head has is paramount to making the right choice and subsequently using the angle head properly with a CNC machine.

For instance, there are some angle heads designed specifically for limited space. Other angle heads are more flexible in how they can be used. You can see how different angle heads were designed and consult with manufacturers about intended use to make better decisions in this department.

Make Sure Exceptional Coolant Flow is Provided

Angle heads used on CNC machines will experience friction and heat buildup when fabricating different materials. It is thus key to ensure your angle heads are capable of providing exceptional coolant flow throughout the fabrication.

The angle heads should have built-in mechanisms that support coolant and maintain the proper temperatures so that head buildup doesn't impact the angle heads in a negative way. Find a manufacturer that has refined their coolant technology with angle heads so that excessive heat isn't something you're constantly worried about. 

Examine Performance Data

Regardless of what size or design you get in an angle head for CNC machinery, there should be performance data that was gathered by the manufacturer. It is this data that can help you see how angle heads perform under certain conditions. You can review performance data when the angle heads were exposed to certain stimuli and environments.

As long as you look at parameters that are relevant to your worksite and industry, this data can help you make meaningful assessments that ultimately help narrow your focus. You can make better decisions based on the performance data that's revealed by angle head manufacturers. 

There are some important decisions that need to be made when choosing angle heads for CNC machinery. As long as you keep your assessments focused on important performance and structural details, the angle heads you order will last and continue providing exceptional machining capabilities that you need to complete certain projects.

For more information, contact a local manufacturer.