Outdoor Lighting To Accent Your Landscaping With Attractive Shadows

Outdoor Lighting To Accent Your Landscaping With Attractive Shadows

27 April 2021
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The outdoor lighting in your landscaping is one of the best areas to play with shadows and be creative. There are many different projects that you may want to consider for your outdoor lighting. The following outdoor lighting design ideas are options you may want to try when you want to use shadows to be creative:

Backlight Stair Lighting

The stairs from decks to your home or in other areas of your landscaping are some of the best areas to play with lighting designs. There are a lot of options to add indirect lighting to the stairs and create interesting shadows. These lights can be light strips or spotlight-like lights. Strip lights can be used to create downward shadows by hiding them beneath the lip of the stair tread. The spotlight canisters can be used at each side of the tread to cast light down.

Highlight Architecture With Spotlights

There are also areas of your home's architecture that you may want to highlight with the outdoor lighting in landscaping. The spotlights can be used in areas like flowerbeds near your home and cast light and shadows on the exterior. This can highlight exterior architectural features with light and shadows. The unique spotlight designs make your home look different at night than it does in daylight.

Indirect Lighting for Outdoor Living Space

The outdoor living space in your backyard is where you may need outdoor lighting the most. This is a space where you want the lighting to be more indirect. Therefore, you may want to consider solutions like using lanterns with shades and string lighting. You can also use lights that are hidden in areas, such as beneath porch railings or beneath the edge of a fixed tabletop. You can also use more traditional chandeliers with an outdoor design in these areas.

Recessed Lighting and Hardscaping  

The hardscaping around your home is another area where you can be creative with lighting designs. You may want to use different types of recessed lights in these areas. These lights can be used in stairs, pathways, or in features like retaining walls and planters. The lights can also have adjustable canisters. This allows you to adjust the direction light is cast to create the outdoor lighting design you are looking for.

The outdoor lighting you add to your home and landscaping can create interesting details when the sun goes down. Contact a lighting service to discuss these options for outdoor lighting designs.