Tips to Help You Select and Prepare for Your New Kitchen Countertop

Tips to Help You Select and Prepare for Your New Kitchen Countertop

5 October 2020
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A new granite countertop for your kitchen will provide you with a beautiful and long-lasting surface. Granite is a neutral material that will go well with a variety of color schemes, and you can choose from one of a selection of attractive patterns and colors. Here are some tips and recommendations to help you prepare for and manage the installation of your new granite countertop.

Check Measurements

There are several measurements you will need to take into consideration when you are planning for a new granite countertop for your kitchen. First, you will need to make sure there are full measurements taken of your cabinet counter space to make sure the slab fits upon the cabinet and the plywood.

If you are using a granite countertop installation professional, they will likely take measurements for a precise fit for the counter in your kitchen. This will help them cut and prepare the slab for your kitchen's specifics and to make sure it fits exactly as it needs to in order to avoid any gaps between connecting seams. As a professional installer, they want your finished countertop to be perfect in every way and that includes how it fits upon your lower cabinets.

They will also need to measure for your sink and faucet to be installed within the countertop slab. This will ensure they cut the holes in the right places to easily insert your new sink and faucet.

If you are installing your own granite countertop, you will need to measure and include how much you want the counter to overhang the cabinets below. This overhang can be anywhere from one inch to an inch and one-half. And based on the granite slab's thickness, you may need to install it upon an underlayment of plywood. If the countertop is a thinner slab at three-quarters an inch, you will need a plywood underlayer, but if your granite slab is thicker by up to one and one-quarter inches, you do not need to install the plywood beneath it for reinforcement.

Prepare Your Kitchen

Once you have the order and installation details arranged, you can prepare your kitchen for its installation day. You will need to clear off everything from your existing counters or remove the old counters if this is a step you are going to handle.

Also, be sure you remove all the items that are stored in the cabinets below your counter. Your installation service will need to have clear access to your cabinets to complete the installation and you don't want the chance of any items getting damaged accidentally as a result of the installation work.

For more information about granite countertop installation, contact a local company like Granite & Marble Depot.