Accordion Storm Shutters Can Protect Your Doors And Windows

Accordion Storm Shutters Can Protect Your Doors And Windows

29 April 2020
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If you're looking for a way to protect your home during a storm or to guard against intruders, accordion storm shutters might be the perfect solution. These shutters can protect your windows and doors from hurricane-strength winds and impacts. Here's a look at how they're made and how you use them.

How Accordion Storm Shutters Are Made

These storm shutters are made from thick aluminum panels that fold back on themselves when not in use. When the shutters are closed over your windows, they have the appearance of an accordion.

This design, along with their metal construction, gives these shutters the strength to protect your home against a hurricane. Also, these shutters don't need vertical supports, so they're perfect for wide windows along a balcony or sliding patio doors.

How The Shutters Work

Accordion storm shutters attach to your windows and doors permanently. The shutters mount on the sides and fold back so they are out of sight. There are tracks mounted on the tops and bottoms of the windows so the shutters can close and glide along the track to meet in the middle and lock.

When locked in place, the shutters keep out strong wind and driving rain. The shutters also protect against blowing debris. When a bad storm is approaching, all you have to do is close and lock the shutters since they're already in place and ready to use.

Where You Can Use Accordion Storm Shutters

You can have accordion shutters mounted about anywhere. You can put them on windows and doors, or you can install them on a balcony or a covered patio near your pool. These shutters are also strong enough to be used commercially to protect a store during bad weather and to protect against crime.

How To Install And Maintain The Shutters

If you're handy, you may be able to install the shutters yourself. However, you can also have them installed by a professional. Once they're mounted, using them is easy, so you'll be able to close and lock them and then open them back up any time you need to.

Once your new accordion shutters are installed, you'll want to maintain them properly. You may not need to use them every year, and you don't want the tracks to get dirty or damaged. Your shutters will come with maintenance instructions for you to follow that may include cleaning directions, lubrication instructions, and advice on how often to close the shutters to make sure they stay in good shape and are easy to operate when a storm threatens.

To learn more, contact a resource that sells accordion storm shutters.