Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Window Repairs This Holiday Season

Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Window Repairs This Holiday Season

7 November 2019
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If any of your home's windows stick or have other issues that make them structurally unsafe, don't wait until after the holidays to repair them. The holiday season is one of the most common times of the year for thefts and home break-ins. Criminals can use a variety of ways to enter your house, including broken and unsafe windows. Here's why you shouldn't skip your window repairs this holiday season.

What Structurally Unsafe Window Problems Should You Search For?

No matter what type of home your family lives in, you want to keep your windows as safe as you can throughout the year, especially during the holidays. Many families celebrate the season with gifts and other valuable items. Thieves and home burglars may consider the items under your tree or hidden in your home valuable enough to steal and sell.

Thieves target homes with poorly secured windows. Windows that don't latch or stay in place properly can make it easy for burglars to creep into your home. Windows made of old, brittle, or outdated wooden frames may also become easy targets for thieves. 

If you have time on hand, take a stroll through your house and inspect all of your windows. Mark or write down every problem you find, such as cracked or dry window frames and foggy or weak window glass. Place your notes in a place you can check easily later, then call a home contractor for assistance.

How Do You Make Your Windows Look And Feel Safer?

A home and garden contractor who specializes in window replacement and repair can help you secure your home against seasonal theft. A contractor may check the windows in every area of your home, including near the upstairs bedrooms. Thieves can use ladders to access your windows. Afterwards, a contractor may make recommendations on how to secure your windows and house better.

One of the most effective ways to secure your windows is to replace them. You can use windows with thicker glass and sturdier panes, or you can install security-grade windows in your home. You may also consider adding security latches and other features on the frames to make break-ins more difficult for burglars. 

If possible, place shatter-proof glass inside your window panes. This type of glass may make it impossible for thieves to break into your house with bricks and other heavy missiles.

For more details on how to make your windows safer and less prone to break-ins, contact a replacement window installation service today.