3 Reasons You May Need An Electrician When Sprucing Up Your Landscape

3 Reasons You May Need An Electrician When Sprucing Up Your Landscape

6 August 2019
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Have you recently noticed that the old layout around your home is not looking all that spiffy these days? Maybe your once-pruned flower beds are overgrown with moss, the implemented hardscape details have deteriorated, and there are few real visual elements to appreciate in your landscape. You will naturally call on a landscaping professional to help you out when you decide it is time to do some sprucing up, but you may also need an electrician for certain things. Take a quick look at some of the reasons you may need an electrician when you are revamping the landscape around your home. 

You may need an electrician if you want to install a fountain. 

Even though the primary element used to make a power function is water, the largest models will often contain an electric-powered water pump. Naturally, these pumps will need access to an electrical outlet to function. Even if you do have an outdoor outlet, you may not want that outlet always taken up by the cord that powers the water pumps, so it is more feasible to have an electrician run a constant wire from the fountain to the breaker panel instead. Doing so will make it easier to keep the cords concealed and your fountain consistently running. 

You may need an electrician if you install an outdoor sitting area. 

Maybe you really want a nice sitting place in the midst of your new flower garden or perhaps you like the idea of having a gazebo on your property where you can sit and read. In either of these cases, having access to electricity in these locations will be beneficial. Of course, running extension cords from the house to these areas is not going to be a feasible thing, so you may need an electrician to run new wiring and conduit lines underground to set you up with outlets in these special landscape spots. 

You may need an electrician if you want lighting installed. 

Many landscaping companies are fully capable of installing certain types of landscape lighting, but there can be some forms of lighting that should spur you to hire a residential electrical service for help just to be on the safe side. For instance, if you want lights bordering every walkway in your landscape that are powered by electricity and can turn on with the flip of a switch, this is an implement an electrician will be equipped to help you create for the property.

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