Five Ways To Have Increase Storage Space In A Small Bathroom

Five Ways To Have Increase Storage Space In A Small Bathroom

17 November 2018
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If you've recently downsized to a smaller home, you're probably dealing with a bathroom that's quite a bit smaller than what you're used to. Naturally, you've undoubtedly gotten rid of a lot of cumbersome items during the process of preparing for life in your new home, but you nonetheless may be struggling with simply not having the space you're used to. Certain strategies can work wonders when creating the illusion of a larger room, such as keeping wall colors light for an airy look and using oversized mirrors to cast reflections to provide the appearance of more space, and although these measures certainly have significant aesthetic appeal, they don't solve the practical problems involved with having a small bathroom. For instance, many people struggle with finding enough storage space in a small bathroom.

Following are five ways you can give your small bathroom more storage space. 

Move the Sink to the Corner

In most bathrooms, sinks are placed right in the middle of one of the longer walls, taking up more room than they need to, while corners in bathrooms are normally just empty space. Moving the sink to the corner puts this space to good use and frees up room on the wall for storage space. 

Install Cabinets Over the Toilet 

The space over the toilet is another area that's often unused in most bathrooms. Installing a cabinet space there provides storage for towels, toilet paper, and soap and hair care supplies. 

Supersize Your Medicine Cabinet

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is thinking that everything needs to be smaller in a small bathroom, and medicine cabinets are often shallow, small affairs even in larger bathrooms. However, making the most of your medicine cabinet by using a larger design with deeper shelves simply makes sense when optimizing storage space in a small bathroom. 

Use an Over-the-Door Organizer

You can use an over-the-door organizer for a variety of purposes. They can hold shoes, towels, sundries, hair accessories, makeup, and basically act as a catch-all for anything that doesn't seem to fit well anywhere else. 

Install Floating Shelves

The real key to making sure you've got enough storage in your bathroom for necessary items is make as much use of vertical space as possible, and floating shelving does this job very well. These are easy to install and are available in such a wide variety of sizes that you can easily find one to fit any area.