Top Features to Look for in Industrial Plastic Containers for Your Metalworking Industry

Top Features to Look for in Industrial Plastic Containers for Your Metalworking Industry

18 October 2018
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When you own and operate a metalworking facility, keeping all of your materials organized and in an orderly fashion is highly important for keeping workflow processes going smoothly. Therefore, investing in industrial plastic containers is an important move, but there are so many different containers out there to pick from that it can be difficult to find the best ones. Industrial plastic containers used to house metal parts and components must be carefully chosen so they can stand up to the heavy-duty materials. Here is a look at some of the features you should be looking for in industrial plastic containers for your metalworking industry. 

Comfort Grip Handles

Being able to securely maneuver the containers that hold your metal parts and components is very important. Many industrial containers are designed to be stacked as well. Therefore, make sure that any containers you do consider have nice handles that are integrated as part of the container. Additionally, take a look at the handles to ensure they have some kind of comfortable grip built in. When carrying heavy items, you do not want a sharp edge of the plastic digging into your hands and potentially causing you to lose your grip or get injured. 

Rigid Side Panels and Top Lip 

The more rigidly built the side panels of an industrial plastic container are, the better off these containers will be for housing heavy materials that weigh more than the usual items. Rigid side panels may be made out of dense plastic that is solid in construction, but they may also have a series of braces for added structural support. Steer clear of containers that have a thin single-wall design, because metal pieces will break through the side panels fairly easily. Likewise, make sure the top lip of the container is reinforced and sturdy so that, if a heavy piece hits the edge, it does not break off easily. 

Steel Hinges 

If the containers you need will be outfitted with a closeable lid, make sure you take a good look at the hinges that the lid has. Low-quality hinges that are built from lightweight materials will not stand up to being jostled about with pieces of metal. Look for hinges that are created from high-grade steel. These hinges will not falter if they are jabbed by a heavy piece of metal and will do a good job of keeping the lid tightly closed in place. 

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