3 Benefits Of An Aluminum Flatbed With A Diamond-Plate Finish

3 Benefits Of An Aluminum Flatbed With A Diamond-Plate Finish

6 September 2018
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If you're buying an aluminum flatbed for your truck, you'll have to pick out the finish that you want. There are a few finishes that you can choose when buying from most companies that sell aluminum flatbeds, such as a smooth finish or a diamond-plate finish. The diamond-plate finish is popular among many people who buy flatbeds or trailers, quite possibly because of these benefits.

1. Avoid Slipping

At times, you might find yourself stepping up onto your flatbed. You may need to do this when you're moving something onto the flatbed or when you're cleaning off the back of your truck, for example. Some finishes equal slippery footing, and you don't want to fall off of your flatbed. A diamond-plate finish gives your shoes a little something to stick to, though, making you less likely to slip and fall. This is particularly true if your truck bed is wet, such as if you're washing it or if it's been raining. Of course, even though you're less likely to slip and fall on a diamond-plate finish than a smoother finish, you'll still want to wear shoes that have a good grip, and you'll still need to be careful when climbing onto your flatbed.

2. Prevent Items from Slipping Around

Of course, it's probably not a secret to you that you are going to need to tie or otherwise secure the things that you haul on your flatbed with straps, rope, or chain. On a flatbed with a smooth finish, though, items can still slip around if they aren't tied really tight. Plus, in the event that your ties fail, such as if you don't tie them well enough, then you can pretty much count on whatever you have on your flatbed immediately sliding around. Just as a diamond-plate finish is less slippery for you, though, it's also less slippery for anything that you put on the back of your truck, so slipping and sliding is less of a problem. This can even help you prevent things from falling off of the back of the truck, although tying everything securely is still very important.

3. Enjoy a Nicer Look

Work trucks with flatbeds aren't known for being pretty, but you probably want to be proud of the way that your truck looks. A nice, shiny aluminum flatbed with a diamond-plate finish is easy on the eyes, so you'll probably like how your truck looks.

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