Have A CNC Machine That Is Hot Or Has Burning Odors? What To Do

Have A CNC Machine That Is Hot Or Has Burning Odors? What To Do

18 October 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If there is a lot of heat coming out of your CNC machine, or you have employees complaining that they smell odors of burning and think that the unit may be a fire hazard, you want to shut down the machine and look at it. There are some minor things that you may be able to fix on your own, and others that you may need more help with. Here are a few of the things that you want to do to make sure that someone doesn't get hurt, or that the machine or the property isn't at risk.

Electrical Components Inspection

The electrical components may be getting too hot, they may not be covered or coated properly, and they could be causing problems. You want to have all the components inspected to make sure that you aren't at the risk of an internal fire or shortage, and so you know that the electrical components won't be a risk. A damaged wire or connection could cause sparks or a fire, and damage to people or the CNC machine.  

Coolant Inspection

You don't want the machine to overheat while running, and if you are running the machine for long periods of time this can become a risk. This is why yo always want to check the coolant levels after a long shift, or after the machine has gotten a lot of use. If you know that the machine is low on coolant, make sure that it's filled. If the levels are unusually low, you want to have the machine checked for a leak or another problem.

Fire Safety Check

Make sure that you have all the proper equipment that would be needed if the machine were to overheat or start a fire. This mean and emergency pull switch or button that will shut off power to the machine, the necessary fire extinguishers around the machine, and an outlined escape route. You want everyone to get out of the way quickly and easily.

If you fear that a machine on your shop floor has a lot of heating or electrical concerns and that the machine is too hot, there are some different things that you have to consider and look into. You don't want to end up worrying and wondering what could go wrong, and instead you want to have a mechanic look at the machine and fix any flaws that could be a concern for the property at staff.