Does Your Boiler Need To Be Fixed?

Does Your Boiler Need To Be Fixed?

9 May 2017
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When it comes to your boiler, because it's one of the major appliances in your house, you need to always be sure that it's working so that everyone can be comfortable, particularly when the temperature drops very low. Taking note of anything out of the ordinary can prevent total boiler failure so that it doesn't have to get too cold in the house. Pay attention to these issues and consider calling a pro if you know these things are happening.


Many people ignore noises coming from their boiler because they think that noise is normal, especially if the boiler is getting old. That is not true. Even an older boiler shouldn't be making much sound; noises almost always are a sign that the appliance requires professional attention before the boiler breaks down. Some sounds can be easily addressed; hissing can sometimes be fixed by scraping limescale off of internal components or fixing a leak. Other sounds, such as gurgling, could indicate that the boiler is having more serious trouble and might have to be replaced.

Flickering Pilot Light

A pilot light that seems to flicker all the time is something else that could also be thought of as normal. You may also suspect that the air in the room is the culprit. However, this could mean something else is going on. Sediment building up on the appliance could be interfering with the flame, or it's possible that there are connections that are loose and need to be better secured so that the light remains lit without a problem.

No Heat

If one or more of the radiators in your house have stopped working or don't work as well as they used to, you may think that the boiler isn't functioning well. However, in this case, it is more likely that the pipes are clogged by various mineral deposits. If that's the case, the pipes should be flushed with special chemicals so you'll need to contact a contractor. Once the pipes are flushed, the radiators should work. If not, the pipes may have to be changed out completely.

When you start to wonder if there's a problem that needs to be evaluated by a professional, call a contractor to have a look at what's happening. If you find that you're always getting boiler repairs, it may also be time to start asking whether the boiler must be replaced in the near future.