Damage-Free Tips For Cleaning Powder Coated Lawn Furniture

Damage-Free Tips For Cleaning Powder Coated Lawn Furniture

9 May 2017
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If you recently purchased new lawn furniture that has a powder coated surface, then it is important you know how to care for it. Cleaning powder coated furniture requires different tools and technique then you have likely used when caring for other types of outdoor furniture in the past. To properly clean and maintain your new lawn furniture, follow these damage-free tips:

Tip: Clean Powder Coated Lawn Furniture With Only a Mild Soap and Water

When you need to clean your lawn furniture, do so using only water and a mild soap. Choose a soap that is not:

  • chlorine-based
  • petroleum-based
  • solvent-based

These types of cleaners are damaging to powder coating and can cause it to discolor. Instead, the best choice is always to use a mild dish washing liquid that is well diluted in water.

For serious stains or areas that have become sticky from foods or drinks, you can use a natural-bristle brush and gently scrub the surface with some soapy water. Once clean, wash off the area liberally with fresh water and then dry your furniture with a clean cloth.

Tip: Never Pressure Wash Powder Coated Surfaces

When your lawn furniture becomes soiled and needs to be washed, wash it off with your garden hose rather than with a pressure washer. The stream of water coming out of a pressure washer is too strong and will damage the surface of the powder coating. 

Tip: Wax Your Powder Coated Furniture with a High-Quality Car Wax Each Year

Just as you protect the powder coated surfaces on your car or motorcycle by waxing them, you should do the same for your new outdoor furniture. The best thing you can use to wax powder coated furniture with is a high-quality car wax. Choose a wax that is non-abrasive and apply it in the same manner you do to your vehicles.

Tip: Store Your Yard Furniture Indoors in the Winter if Possible

If it is at all possible and you have the storage space, you should bring in your powdered coated lawn furniture during the winter season. All of the rain, snow, and harsh winds that come along this time of year will damage your furniture's surface. You can prevent winter storm damage to the powder coating by simply storing your furniture inside your garage or in a garden shed. Finally, toss a tarp or blanket over the furniture so it won't get damaged by any of the other items contained in your storage area.

Tip: Contact a Professional to Repair or Re-coat Damaged Furniture

In the event that your furniture's powder coating is damaged, you can always contact a company, such as PYRSD, that offers powder coating as a service. They will be able to re-coat your furniture. They can even change the color for you if you would like a fresh look.