Three Industrial Extras That Every Warehouse Needs

Three Industrial Extras That Every Warehouse Needs

4 October 2016
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If you are running a warehouse, one of the primary responsibilities that you have as a warehouse owner is to keep your stock clean, well documented, and safe. In order to perform functions in a large warehouse, you will need certain items and machinery. Here are some industrial extras that you should keep in a warehouse to make sure you can always run at full operational capacity. 

Forklift batteries

If you have a warehouse with large or heavy items, a forklift will be your saving grace. Not only can forklifts pick up and transport heavy items quickly, they can also help to move many boxes all at once. This cuts down on possible workplace injuries for employees and it cuts down on time. Be sure to keep extra forklift batteries in the event that the current battery on your machine goes out. Being able to switch out the expired battery for a battery you already have in stock will keep your warehouse in full operation. 

Backup generators

Even if your warehouse tends to feel a little warm or cold at times, chances are that it would be much worse if you did not have a central air and heating system. If the power were to go out in the warehouse and turn off the heating and cooling, your warehouse stock could potentially be ruined. If this happens, you may owe businesses who use your warehouse through insurance claims or out of pocket. Keep a backup generator that can be used in the event of a power outage. This can save your stock and your business. 

Golf cart batteries and chargers

A little-known secret of warehouse owners is saving time by operating a small golf cart instead of walking everywhere. Small, one person golf carts along with space in the back for products can make grab-and-go stocking or shipping quick and easy. Employees will especially appreciate not having to walk through a large warehouse to process boxes and products. Be sure to keep golf cart batteries and extra chargers inside of a climate controlled space in your warehouse. This means that you will not be without the golf carts that you need for your business. In the event that you forget to charge, or the chargers stop working when you are closed, you can grab a new golf cart battery in order to keep the vehicle running. 

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