Why An Air Compressor Might Become Problematic

Why An Air Compressor Might Become Problematic

25 July 2016
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Does it seem like your air compressor is about to stop working because it has more than one problem? Sometimes air compressors will malfunction from a simple problem that is not difficult for a professional to repair. The solution may be as minor as investing in a new part, especially if your air compressor is not very old. This article covers some of the things that can go wrong with an air compressor and what can be done to resolve the problem.

Airflow is Weaker Than Usual

If you have been unable to use the compressor because the flow of air is not as strong as it should be, there could be a blockage. It is common for the filter in an air compressor to block air when it is in need of being cleaned or replaced. You must understand that air has to flow through the filter before it reaches other parts. It is also possible that your air compressor has a leak due to there being something wrong with the check valve.  A professional can examine the check valve to determine if you need to invest in a new one, but he or she might only need to perform a repair.

Not Much Noise from the Air Compressor

When there is a drastic change in the level of noise coming from an air compressor, it is a sign of a problematic motor. If you have noticed that your air compressor does not stay on for long periods, it is likely due to the motor being worn out. The decreased level of noise means that your motor is not as powerful as it should be. However, keep in mind that a motor can seem as though it is going out when more oil is needed as well. Ask a professional to check the oil and motor to see what kind of repair should be made, as a problematic motor does not mean that you need a new air compressor.

A Low Level of Discharge Pressure

If you are unable to use your air compressor because there is a low level of discharge pressure, it points to a problematic intake filter. The intake filter might possibly be clogged up and simply need to be cleaned out by a professional. Basically, contaminants begin to accumulate in the intake filter when an air compressor is used on a regular basis. Speak to a contractor about your problematic air compressor as soon as you are ready.

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