How to Choose a Fireplace for Your Living Room

How to Choose a Fireplace for Your Living Room

16 June 2020
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Fireplaces offer several advantages, including warmth and a focal point to your room. Fireplaces were the original method for heating homes, and they can still serve that function; however, for many homeowners, their main purpose now is to provide ambiance to your room.

Fireplaces come in a wide range of styles, which should allow them to fit seamlessly into any décor theme. If you want a fireplace in your living room, here are some steps to help you choose one.

Determine Your Décor Style

Some homeowners choose a specific décor style for their living room. They may even hire an interior decorator to develop that style. Contemporary décor is very popular. Some homeowners choose a region, such as the Mediterranean or Asia, to provide the foundation of their style. Others have an eclectic living room with colors and textures unique to their preferences.

Your desired style will help you choose a fireplace. If you favor the contemporary aesthetic, you'll look for fireplaces with clean lines and little ornamentation. Traditional and Mediterranean styles favor a cozier aesthetic for fireplaces. Examine the characteristics of your target style to help settle on a fireplace.

Settle on a Surround Material

The visible portion of the fireplace is the surround. It can present as the traditional box around the firebox, or it can extend to encompass more of the wall. Regardless of its size, you need a material preference for the surround.

Your target décor style helps drive this decision too. Materials such as glass and metal carry a more minimalist profile, though certain configurations of stone and brick can fit that look. Those materials tend to be more traditional, though. Look for a surround material that will promote the amount of color and texture you want in your décor.

Decide on a Mantel and Hearth

Besides the firebox and surround, fireplaces can also feature a mantel and hearth, though they're not necessary. Indeed, your first decision here will be if you want either. Modern styles might not call for either one, or you may choose simplified versions.

Material is important here, too. Mantels are often made of wood or stone. Glass or metal could work for the modern take on a mantel. Hearths are typically stone or brick. If brick, they're usually the same lay pattern as the surround. Hearthstones may be oversized versions of the surround stone or they may also be laid in the same pattern as the surround.

Keep the above considerations in mind as you visit stores that offer fireplaces for sale.